March 7,2017 - Kiyasu Orchestra show at Asagaya TEN

Date: March 7, 2017
Venue: Asagaya TEN (Tokyo,Japan)
* Synchronise Periods (from Australia)
Gene - electronics
Adam Park - pedals smasher
Edo - tapes, keys
Myjercall - electronics, tapes, loops
French - ds, feedback, yellow machine
Jake 'Puncher - home made oscillator
Synchronise Periods is a bubblely slurpy burp which would most likely occur after a round or two of relaxation vegetable sandwiches. these excited Electrons are chewed up by delayed responses from both humans and machines, sometimes at a unified time and place

* To Die (from Indonesia)
Experimental/Noise from Indonesia.
To Die plays using Atari Punk Console, Modular Synth and pedal effects.

* Kiyasu Orchestra
Free Jazz band formed in 2004.
Aniki Tomonori - trumpet
Koichi Kidoura - guitar
tsubatics - bass
Ryosuke Kiyasu - drums

* Bizzy Killer Gedbenz
Solo Melodic Pop Punk

Open 19:00 / Start 19:30
Charge: 1500yen + 1 drink

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