December 12,2017 - Kiyasu Orchestra show at Asagaya TEN

Date: December 12,2017
Venue: Asagaya TEN
Address: 〒166-0001 B1, 2 Chome-1-5 Asagayakita, Suginami-ku, Tōkyō-to 166-0001

William "Bilwa" Costa (from Germany)
Unnatural Field Recordings: Tokyo
Kiyasu Orchestra

Open: 19:00 / Start: 19:30
Charge: 2000yen + 1 drink

- Artist Info -

Unnatural Field Recordings: Tokyo is part one of a series of compositions which incorporate unnatural field recordings, sine tones, recordings from no input mixer, digital timers, and amplified objects. Each composition is unique, and allows space for real-time composition within the score.

Unnatural Field Recordings are recordings comprised of man-made, digital, analogue, and mechanical sounds, as well as many other incidental sounds, which make up a city's soundscape on metros and in public spaces. The palette of sounds is ever changing, and include recordings from various cities including: Istanbul, Mexico City, Shanghai, Berlin, Vienna, Prague, etc.

William "Bilwa" Costa is a Berlin-based sound artist, experimental musician, performer, and composer.