May 11,2018 - Kiyasu Orchestra show at Asagaya TEN

Date: May 11,2018
Venue: Asagaya TEN
Open 19:30 / Start 20:00
Charge: 2000yen + 1 order

* Titus d'Enfer (from France)

Titus d’Enfer is the 22nd king of the prestigious d’Enfer family.
After his family and subjects perish during the great fire in the year 22,
the brave king left his castle to face his harsh new reality.
Amongst the masses, penniless and hunchbacked,
Titus d’Enfer has become Titus the wanderer seeking out friendly ears alongside
his faithful companion Antonelli.

* Satoshi Yamashita
turntable improviser

* Kiyasu Orchestra
tsubatics (bass)
Koichi Kidoura (guitar)
Ryosuke Kiyasu (drums)

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